As a part of the Shiawassee and Clinton County-area community, we’re working to bring the discussion of domestic and sexual violence out of the shadows.

One of the ways SafeCenter is helping is by highlighting a wealth of information and research on the subjects of domestic and sexual violence. By making this information accessible to others, we hope to spread the knowledge and give people the power to help change lives. 

Media Contact Information

SafeCenter will assist the media with information and interviews regarding domestic and sexual violence in Shiawassee and Clinton Counties. We can provide experts to address topics from legal and legislative issues to education, prevention, advocacy and more. We can also highlight statistics and information on important trends. For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact the SafeCenter Counseling and Administrative Office at 989.723.9716 or

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As the leading authority on domestic and sexual violence, SafeCenter works to combine the resources and efforts of Shiawassee and Clinton County agencies to provide services and put an end to the abuse.

Our services include:

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Knowing that you are not alone is often encouragement enough to seek help, find answers and move forward with a violence-free life. Click on the bullets below for more information on what SafeCenter is all about.

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Suggested Reading List

This list is meant to guide survivors, advocates, students and researchers in their endeavors to learn more about domestic violence.

Berry, D.B. (1995) Domestic Violence Sourcebook. Los Angeles: RGA Publishing Groups, Inc.

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Raphael, J. (2000) Saving Bernice: Battered Women, Welfare and Poverty. Boston: Northeastern University Press.

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Wilson, K.J. (1997) When Violence Begins at Home: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Ending Domestic Abuse. Alameda, CA: Hunter House.

Help on the Web

National, state and local agencies are working together to heighten awareness, comfort victims and stem the tide of domestic and sexual violence. More important information can be found at:

Statistics show that domestic and sexual violence touches all of our lives in some way. SafeCenter provides professional, confidential, compassionate services and resources that address domestic and sexual violence.

SafeCenter 24-Hour Crisis Hotline 877.952.7283

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